February 1

Parish Council

  • M Hickey, Ruth Sehneiser, Bon Lunnon
  • Pat Dealy,
  • Marie McCau
  • Provincial Denis Travers, M. Hickey, Bob Lunnon
  • Peter Vogt, John Karalus Kevin Doherty
  • Keith & Doreen Higgins Chef Kiwi Peter

October 11

Fr Michael Farewell

  • Fr Tom McDonough, ?, Fr Michael Hickey
  • Frs Tom McDonough and Michael Hickey
  • ?, Fr Michael Hickey, ?, Fr Tom McDonough
  • Hamper Time, Fr Michael Hickey
  • Youth Hamper Mass, Fr Michael Hickey
  • Frs Peter McGrath and Michael Hickey
  • Fr Michael Hickey cutting his Farewell Cake

December 8


  • Janis Buggy, Roma deSanctis
  • Janis Buggy, Sr Leonie, Roma de Sanctis,

January 12

Bushfires at St. Anthony’s

  • Bush Fire approaching St Anthony's
  • Bush Fire approaching St Anthony's
  • Dampening the Church Roof
  • Taking the horses to safety
  • Water Bombing
  • Water Bombing
  • Sr Leonie Martin
  • Sr Leonie Martin

February 1

Parish Council 1992

  • Anne Lanyon, Alan Logan, Kevin Doherty, Margaret KnowldenMargaret Price, Barbara Pope, Karne Shoppee
  • Bede Alexander, Margaret Price, Ian Marnoch, Dick Beaumont, Fr Michael, front: Val Edwards, Barbara Pope, John Marron,
  • Parish Council 1992

January 1

20th Anniversary of St Anthony’s

  • John & Marge Saunders, ?, George Carpenter
  • Fr Peter McGrath, Barry Hartigan
  • Mim & Justin Van Neirop
  • Gathering Outdoors
  • 20th Anniversary Mass

June 3

Wattle Tree Planting

  • young sapplings
  • Sr Leonie

February 4

Passionist Activities

  • Fr Tom McDonough, Bob Lunnon, Frs Tony Egar and Peter McGrath
  • Frs Gerard Glynn, Michael Hickey, Br Damian Byrne, Bob Lunnon
  • Br Damian Byrne

February 1

St. Anthony’s Nurses and Carers

  • top: F. Shirley Marnoch, Valerie Edwards, Helen Patterson, patricia Hayes, B. Rosemary Fisher, Mary Leafe, Fr. Peter, Anna Macgregor, Grace Owens, BottoM: F. Mary leafe, Fr Peter, Valerie Edwards, patricia hayes B. Pat Clark, Shirley Marnoch, Margaret White

January 1